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Lake Parsippany is a spring fed lake approximately 168+ acres, 1 mile long, 1/2 mile wide, obstacle free, except some shoreline areas.  We have no tall mountains next to us so wind is good most of the time.

Membership is available to residents and out of district families as well.

From May to October there are 7 buoys placed around the lake that are maintained for games, point of sail, and our Sailing Class.

The Sailing Club offers a class in June to members of the lake to help promote sailing. 

A website is maintained through our Lake Association  A newsletter is e-mailed to every member 10 times a year.  All clubs put updates and news in it every month with photos if available. 

Sailing Club meetings are for 2019 the second  Tuesday in June (11th) and the second Tuesday, July (9th), 7:30 PM at our Clubhouse.  Some of our main topics include sail trim, daggerboard position, staying on course, fiberglass repair, man overboard techniques, weather, sail repair, what's inside a Sunfish, boat balance, making tel-tales, program change and adjustments.  Meetings always end with problem solving. 

LPSC sponsors a Sock Burning Party in May on Johnson's Beach which is located on the southeast side of the Lake to celebrate the sun which has crossed the equator and has entered our northern hemisphere once again to welcome in the spring and summer.

For additional information e-mail